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Where? Beyond the Centre | Dejvice
Type of establishment Restaurant
Cuisine International
Budget $$$ | $$$$

People most often meet at Avantgarde for business. The restaurant, on the ground floor of the PPF Gate Building in Prague’s Dejvice district, naturally attracts visitors. There is a distinctly commercial atmosphere, as people in suits clinch deals or go over the finer details of contracts. The interior is decorated in a distinctive combination of cream and brown tones; the well-prepared food serves mostly as a backdrop.

The restaurant concept is not avant-garde, as the name might suggest, but is about decent food made from first-class ingredients. Dishes feature the beef of young Charolais bulls, Mangalica pork and Krasolesí cheeses. The menu is user-friendly and while short, it offers poultry, fish and red meat options, as well as vegetarian dishes.

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Want to know a secret?

Avantgarde closes at weekends and only opens on Sundays for themed brunches for children. One Sunday brunch is devoted to Slovak cuisine, another Mexican, and a strawberry brunch marks the start of summer. You could stop by after touring the Villa Müller, which is within easy reach.

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AvantGarde Restaurant Evropská 2690/17 Praha 6 – Dejvice 160 00