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Eat & Drink - Tea & Coffee

Where to find good coffee shops and tea houses in Prague

Café Louvre

On the first floor of an inconspicuous multi-storey building, Café Louvre stands on Národní třída. In fact, this institution consists of several spaces, each with its own function. You’ll find a restaurant, billiards room, summer terrace, and a café oozing Belle Époque atmosphere.

Municipal House Café

Construction of the Municipal House was a joint effort involving architects, sculptors, painters, mosaic artists, plasterers, and other artists. Together, they created a gorgeous work of art that has justifiably become the symbol of Art Nouveau in the Czech Republic.

Grand Café Orient

If you’re a fan of quirky things or curiosities, Grand Café Orient – a unique Cubist café – is for you. The buffet-bar has an entirely Cubist design concept, as have the mirrors, chandeliers, chairs, curtains, and door handles ... Basically, Cubism everywhere you look.

Café Mlýnská

You can hear the sounds of a mill, or rather a little mill, on the banks of Čertovka canal. Kavárna Mlýnská is the first on the riverbank ...


This sweet shop founded in 1904 by František Myšák (Mouse) used to be a big local name. After the move and a transfer to a new address in ...

Café Imperial

You’ve just attended a concert in the Smetana Hall or you’ve just been admiring the buildings on Wenceslas Square. Either way, you're feeling enthused by the elegance of Belle Époque and don’t want to lose its magic. Keep the wonder alive by visiting the unique Café Imperial.

Café Slavia

The Café Slavia (Kavárna Slavia) is the most famous coffee shop in the Czech Republic and has become one of the symbols of Prague: of the city’s tempestuous history, rich intellectual life and local lifestyle.

Super Tramp Coffee

It’s probably the best concealed café in the heart of Prague. If you look carefully, you’ll find it in the courtyard of a building between ...

Malostranská beseda

The Malostranská beseda (Malá Strana Circle) building, on the corner of Malostranské square, houses three separate establishments: a café, a restaurant and a pub. The restaurant’s menu offers mainly traditional Czech dishes matching Pilsen Urquell beer served with mastery.

Café Savoy

Some cafés and restaurants are such a visual treat that you just don’t know where to look first. Should you gaze up at the ornate ...


This social centre and shopping arcade in one ignores the flashiness typical of shopping malls – soulless temples of consumerism. ...

Bar Cobra

In its day, Holešovice had its share of untraditional cult places. One of them was Cobra – a non-stop bar with flashing slot machines, ...

Bistro 8

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Café Amandine
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Café Amandine

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Café Letka

Café Letka (Squadron) was in business at this address during the Habsburg era but then disappeared for a long time. Now it’s back. A café ...

Café Lucerna

With an intimate atmosphere and a tasteful Art Deco style interior, Kavárna Lucerna is housed in an arcade of the same name. The space ...

Café Pavlač

Not just a café, Café Pavlač is also a restaurant, bar, club and a gallery of contemporary art named "35M2". This establishment shows that ...

Café Sladkovský

The founders of this venue pay tribute in every way possible to Karel Sladkovský, a 19th-century Czech journalist and politician. He was ...

Café Terapie

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Café V lese

Vršovice is a trendy Prague district full of hipsters. A few years ago, Krymská Street, which looked just like any other in the city, ...