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Eat & Drink - Bakery & Patisserie

Where to find good cake shops in Prague

Café Louvre

On the first floor of an inconspicuous multi-storey building, Café Louvre stands on Národní třída. In fact, this institution consists of several spaces, each with its own function. You’ll find a restaurant, billiards room, summer terrace, and a café oozing Belle Époque atmosphere.


This sweet shop founded in 1904 by František Myšák (Mouse) used to be a big local name. After the move and a transfer to a new address in ...

Café Slavia

The Café Slavia (Kavárna Slavia) is the most famous coffee shop in the Czech Republic and has become one of the symbols of Prague: of the city’s tempestuous history, rich intellectual life and local lifestyle.

Café Amandine
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Café Amandine

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The name of this restaurant (Sugarcoffeelemonade) refers to a Czech kids’ game along the lines of the statues game. The name also gives you ...


This Vinohrady sweet shop, café and patisserie is furnished in the light-hearted style typical of the 1920s, the era of the First ...