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Our favourite Prague shops and boutiques selling Czech products, souvenirs, design items, fashion, toys, jewellery, crystal, and cosmetics

J. Drahoňovský STUDIO ŠPERK AGP selection
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J. Drahoňovský STUDIO ŠPERK

This family-run store in Dlouhá Street carries on a long tradition of craftsmanship. Customers can enjoy the widest selection of Czech ...

BOTAS 66 AGP selection
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In 2008, as part of their studies, two graphic design students decided to revive the Botas trainer, a communist-era Czech classic that was ...


Koh-i-noor is a Czech brand selling art supplies and dates back to 1790, when it was established in Vienna. Since 1848, it has been based in the South Bohemian city of České Budějovice. Koh-i-noor art supplies have received countless awards and recognition around the world.

Rocking Horse Toy Shop

You won’t find any “Made in China” labels at this little shop selling wooden toys and located near Prague Castle. On the contrary, only ...


In addition to classic headgear and items produced by master hatmakers (formal hats for men and women, berets, and straw hats), you'll also ...

Dox by Qubus

You'll find the Dox by Qubus shop at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in the heart of Prague's Holešovice district. This store was set up by ...

Pragtique AGP selection
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Pragtique is a cute little boutique and is located in the Platýz Arcade, which leads to Národní Avenue. The shop stocks beautiful ...


Established in 1998 by an American designer,Artěl specialises in handcrafted Bohemian crystal glassware. Since then, the company has built ...


The Kubista Shop revives the Cubist works of Czech avant-garde artists. It is located on the ground floor of the Cubist House at the Black ...