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Eat & Drink - Beer

Where to go for beer in Prague

Lokál Dlouhááá

It is not often that a restaurant concept is so popular with both foreign and local clientele. But that is precisely the case with the ...


Situated on Old Town Square, Brasserie Mincovna offers traditional Czech cuisine with a modern twist, with an emphasis on elegant presentation. The restaurant’s atmosphere is both modern and welcoming, with wooden tables and chairs in a high-ceilinged room typical of Prague’s old houses.

Lokál U Bílé kuželky

Close to Charles Bridge, Lokál U Bílé kuželky (At the White Skittle) restaurant is an excellent mix of good food and reasonable prices, in a traditional Czech setting. All Lokál restaurants are the work of Václav Červenka, in-house architect at the Ambiente group, which owns them.

Strahov Monastery Brewery

The entire menu at the Strahov restaurant is based on the local beer, Saint-Norbert. The dishes are based on beer, or at least designed to go perfectly with the different types: light amber, brown or India Pale Ale.

Vinohradský pivovar Brewery

A modern approach to a traditional beverage is the secret of the success of Vinohradský pivovar. Although the brewery was founded in 1893, production was disrupted for a long time by the Second World War. Beer is no longer produced at Vinohradský pivovar, but parts of the brewing process continue here.

U Fleků

With its eight dining rooms and terrace, this brasserie near the New Town Hall can accommodate almost a thousand customers. A figure that is sometimes really reached, especially when there is a musical production consisting mainly of old Prague songs.

Kolkovna Olympia

At the foot of Petřín Hill, the restaurant was restored to its present form in 2003; the result successfully combines wooden panelling, retro furniture, and copper brewing kettles.

Malostranská beseda

The Malostranská beseda (Malá Strana Circle) building, on the corner of Malostranské square, houses three separate establishments: a café, a restaurant and a pub. The restaurant’s menu offers mainly traditional Czech dishes matching Pilsen Urquell beer served with mastery.

Bad Flash Bar

Bad Flash is made up of several parts: a brewery, two popular bars, and a wholesale outlet selling excellent beer from the Czech Republic ...

Letná Beer Garden

Information about this text will be available soon.

Lokál Nad Stromovkou

Beer that packs a punch and a kitchen that uses genuine ingredients. Those, in short, are the qualities of all the restaurants operating ...

Pivovar Marina

The reconstructed space in this building on the river bank has a striking beamed ceiling. The main room is dominated by a fireplace. In the ...

Staropramen Brewery

The brewery where one of the most famous Czech beer brands is produced opens to visitors in several ways. Besides the popular audio-visual ...

U Kunštátů

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U Medvídků

Information about this text will be available soon.

U Pinkasů

Why are they always full at U Pinkasů? Among other things, because of the revered Pilsner beer, which is served from stainless steel tanks at this famous establishment. What’s more, you can eat at reasonable prices, even though the pub is in the heart of Prague.

U Tří růží Husova

You’ll find this excellent though relatively little-known brewery (At The Three Roses) in the centre of Prague. If you’re looking for a pub ...

U Tří růží Vojanův dvůr

Vojanův dvůr was inspired by classic Czech cuisine and beer culture but adopts a modern approach to both. But you’re left in no doubt that ...

U Zlatého tygra

While this pub (At The Golden Tiger) right in the heart of Old Town features almost in all the tourist guidebooks on Prague as a "must ...