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Where? Beyond the Centre | Vinohrady
Type of establishment Bar
Budget $

Near náměstí Míru, B52 is an inconspicuous establishment where crowds won’t bother you, even if the pub is close to the city centre. The name comes from the flagship 52 cocktail, and 52 also refers to the street number.

A large choice of rum varieties and other drinks from around the world allows for a wide range of mixed beverages, at almost student-friendly prices: these days you can seldom get a cocktail made with decent spirits for less than 100 crowns. Don’t expect any luxury or the pretension that sometimes goes with that. B52 comes across as an ordinary bar with no special concept or design features. Essentially, it’s an inexpensive and relaxing bar for regulars, and you can spend many a chilled hour here.

Free Wi-Fi
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Want to know a secret?

B52 closes at two in the morning, including on working days. It’s one of the few places in the neighbourhood for a “definitely the very last drink” after a meal or the cinema.

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B52 Francouzská 55/52 Praha 10 – Vinohrady 101 00