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Bad Flash Bar

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Where? Beyond the Centre | Vršovice
Type of establishment Beer
Budget $$

Bad Flash is made up of several parts: a brewery, two popular bars, and a wholesale outlet selling excellent beer from the Czech Republic and all over the world.

But we’ll concentrate on the flagship – the bar in hugely popular Krymská Street. Bad Flash is an offbeat establishment deliberately flouting certain conventions. For example, you can’t make a reservation. “Just come and sit down,” urge the owners. The pub offers a huge choice of beers: 12 draft varieties and more than 300 types of bottled beer. Bad Flash also serves various seasonal specials. The austere interior and the direct way the owners communicate testify to the informal and simple approach, perhaps the recipe for success.

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Want to know a secret?

Sometimes, the pub hosts a guest from the world of beer production, e.g. a brew master talks about home brewing. On other occasions, Bad Flash Bar holds beer tasting sessions for limited numbers of people. At Bad Flash Bar, it’s all about beer.

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Bad Flash Bar Krymská Krymská 126/2 Praha 10 – Vršovice 101 00