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Café Letka

Key details

Where? Beyond the Centre | Holešovice
Type of establishment Tea & Coffee | Bar
Budget $

Café Letka (Squadron) was in business at this address during the Habsburg era but then disappeared for a long time. Now it’s back. A café serving excellent coffee from Berlin’s Five Elephant roastery, as well as a bar offering all sorts of drinks, in one. You can opt for a savoury dish or something sweet, or something healthy or not so healthy. The menu includes both international and Czech, and hot or cold dishes – at prices that won’t break the bank.

In terms of interior design, the café blends styles from a bygone era; the concept underlines that this establishment has seen a lot. Café Letka has tried to catch up with and make up for the years that it didn’t exist. Admire yourself in the large mirrors framed by Art Nouveau plasterwork, set on walls designed to look as if they have long been covered in salt deposits. Or, take a seat in a chair dating from the 1950s to the 1970s, acquired from a school canteen, or typical pub or office chairs. Crystal chandeliers and factory lamps illuminate the interior, and when you glance at the railway station clock, ponder how time flies.

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Want to know a secret?

Café Letka shares an entrance with Pidivadlo (The Little Theatre). So, if you suddenly encounter a crowd of children as if they’ve appeared from nowhere, there’s no need to feel confused. Their presence signals that a performance has just started or finished.

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Café Letka Letohradská 557/44 Praha 7 – Holešovice 170 00