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Café Sladkovský

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Where? Beyond the Centre | Vršovice
Type of establishment Tea & Coffee
Cuisine International | Vegetarian | Burger & Hotdog
Budget $$

The founders of this venue pay tribute in every way possible to Karel Sladkovský, a 19th-century Czech journalist and politician. He was also a rebel and a freedom fighter in every sense. The café also respects the genius loci of Vršovice, Prague’s latest Bohemian quarter. Café Sladkovský is much more about atmosphere than coffee and cakes. So, do stop by if you want to enjoy some entertainment featuring a little bit of Art Nouveau, a little bit of Art Deco and a dash of 1930s-style cabaret. Locals interested in the best non-commercial art of yesterday and today enjoy themselves at the venue. In the evening, you could come to a presentation about an artistic movement, or to a concert, or join a party. Or just simply turn up. And if you stay the course long enough, you can have breakfast at Café Sladkovský.

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Want to know a secret?

The permanent menu is a democratic and eye-catching blend of global inspirations. Choose from all sorts of dishes, including hamburgers, kebabs, spaghetti, tapas, and "Sladkovsky French fries", hand-cut from Czech potatoes.

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Café Sladkovský Sevastopolská 48/17 Praha 10 – Vršovice 101 00