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Café V lese

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Where? Beyond the Centre | Vršovice
Type of establishment Nightclub | Tea & Coffee | Bar
Budget $$

Vršovice is a trendy Prague district full of hipsters. A few years ago, Krymská Street, which looked just like any other in the city, became the centre of action in particular. The street is home to several bars, restaurants, a shared workshop, cafes ... and Café v Lese. Despite the name, it’s not a café, nor is it in the woods. The ground floor would probably be called a retro beer pub, and the basement stages random events on any day. Alternative rock bands premiere in front of the audience. And as the space is ingeniously small, there is no danger of Café v Lese being empty if you’re an unknown band. In addition, the café hosts various little-known performers from abroad. They include alternative British songwriters and bizarre Slovak bands, and there are also DJs and screenings. The whole scene is like a “forest cottage that has been deserted for at least 40 years”.

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Want to know a secret?

On Sunday, Café v Lese is one of the few places in Prague that hosts a pub quiz. Put your team together and don’t forget to sign up!

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Café V lese Krymská 273/12 Praha 10 – Vršovice 100 00