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Cross Club

Key details

Where? Beyond the Centre | Holešovice
Type of establishment Nightclub
Cuisine International | Vegetarian
Budget $$

Cross Club is one of Prague’s most famous venues thanks to the unique scrap iron objects on display in the garden in front of it. The club specialises in electronic music, with house and drum’n’bass, as well as dub and reggae. British alternative DJs play at Cross Club, and an avant-garde theatre rehearses there. As plenty of space is available at the club, on afternoons, events have started to be held next door, like flea markets and street-food festivals, to which food trucks travel from afar. Cross Club is alive and changes every day, so if you want to get a feel of the alternative Prague of the younger generation, stop by, at least for a while. Many events are free.

Free Wi-Fi
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Want to know a secret?

In addition to concerts, you can also go for a drink at the venue or have a light vegan meal at the café. The art installation in front of Cross Club is sometimes lit up in the evening, and in the warm weather the venue screens films.

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Cross Club Plynární 1096/23 Praha 7 – Holešovice 170 00