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Where? Beyond the Centre | Smíchov
Type of establishment Nightclub
Budget $$

The history of the Futurum club stands out because it used to entertain the communist leaders before 1989. In those pre-revolutionary times, of course, many bands were forbidden, and DJs played maybe at discos, but some bands lasted only a short while. So local rocker and reggae artist bands influenced musical tastes in Prague and beyond.

Recently, Futurum underwent an expensive refurbishment, and now you can join in a retro video party (as at the sister Lucerna Music Bar) in a modern, comfortable environment. The venue organises DJ events at night, and from time to time rock bands worth looking out for play gigs.

Since Futurum isn’t in the city centre, it attracts mainly a local crowd. And the goal isn’t to make loads of money, but to make sure that visitors have a great time.

Free Wi-Fi
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Want to know a secret?

Futurum is located almost on the riverbank, so here’s a tip if you’ve got some time to spend before your visit. We recommend a stroll along waterfront, which on this side of the River Vltava is buzzing with energy right now.

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Futurum Zborovská 82/7 Praha 5 – Smíchov 150 00