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Where? Beyond the Centre | Dejvice
Type of establishment Restaurant
Cuisine Japanese | Sushi
Budget $$$

You’ll find Katsura restaurant in the sub-basement, at garage level, of the Hotel Diplomat, in Dejvice. As far as cooking is concerned, it’s perhaps not the best Japanese restaurant in Prague. But Katsura is the only establishment to offer European guests a flavour of contemporary Japan. The restaurant also gives them a glimpse of the Japanese community in Prague. In this space, which has a slightly industrial feel, members gather for lunch or an informal dinner, and you’ll come across virtually no Czechs.

The dining area at Katsura merges with a living room space with seating area and a television showing a mixture of Asian serials, sports reports and news. The menu is rather chaotic and, above all, very comprehensive. Choosing a dish is therefore not easy; even three visits won’t be sufficient for sampling all the items you’d like to try. But meals based around sushi, which are always fresh and taste excellent, are perennially popular, and we recommend them.

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Want to know a secret?

If you want to try everything, an appropriate alternative is a set. So, whether you try a sushi or tempura set, you can expect an outstanding example of this type of dish.

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Katsura Evropská 370/15 Praha 6 – Dejvice 160 00