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King Solomon

Key details

Where? City Centre | Josefov
Type of establishment Restaurant
Cuisine International | Kocher
Budget $$$$

The longest operating kosher restaurant in the Czech Republic is located just a few steps from the Pinkas Synagogue and it prides itself not only on serving kosher food, but also on using organically grown ingredients extensively.

The King Solomon restaurant’s main strong point on the menu is the range of meat on offer. Among the dozens of items, you’ll find classic dishes such as duck’s leg in cholent, but also more cosmopolitan combinations, including young lamb with spinach leaves and polenta, or with croquettes and pear puree. It is also worth mentioning the attractive offer of venison: fallow-deer meat can be prepared either on the grill or as a slowly-simmered goulash with fried onions.

The long-lasting asset of the King Solomon is the friendly staff, which is capable of communicating in five international languages.

For those who don’t intend to stay long, the restaurant offers freshly prepared snacks for picnics or trips: customers can pick from a standing menu, or they can have their food made to order.

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Want to know a secret?

Soups are among the most popular dishes at the King Solomon, especially the fancy chicken (poultry) broth. It is served with matzo balls which are well puffed up, thanks to the whipped egg white in them.

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King Solomon Široká 55/8 Praha 1 – Staré Město 110 00