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Where? Beyond the Centre | Dejvice
Type of establishment Restaurant
Cuisine Czech | Local Specialities
Budget $$ | $$$

Kulaťák is a superb place to try traditional Czech cuisines and beer-based dishes. You can choose from a daily menu with classic recipes such as beef in tomato sauce or neck of pork in ale. The restaurant also has a relatively large regular menu, which includes, besides the usual beer snacks, fried grundle fish, for centuries a traditional old Prague meal.

Kulaťák has a spacious and attractive interior with wood-lined walls covered with old newspapers. The pub features a conservatory facing the courtyard, and you can sit there even in bad weather.

The waiters at Kulaťák are above average by Prague standards and deal with your order quickly and willingly.

Free Wi-Fi
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Want to know a secret?

Definitely worth a try is typical Czech potato soup, which is so thick that the spoon almost stands up in it. And the aroma of dried mushrooms and marjoram is wonderful.

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Kulaťák Vítězné náměstí 820/12 Praha 6 – Dejvice 160 00