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Lokál Nad Stromovkou

Key details

Where? Beyond the Centre | Holešovice
Type of establishment Beer | Restaurant
Cuisine Czech | Local Specialities
Budget $$

Beer that packs a punch and a kitchen that uses genuine ingredients. Those, in short, are the qualities of all the restaurants operating under the Lokál label. The branch above the Stromovka Royal Park has an edge over the other sister branches in that it has the park adjoining it, and you can take food on picnics there. The Lokál’s menu is traditionally more inclined towards meat lovers. Just the starters are mouth-watering. The house classics are the Talian sausage with horseradish and home-made mustard and the savoury tripe, and of the main dishes, dill sauce with beef and dumplings. The menu also includes lighter dishes, though, such as kale patties or spinach with fried eggs.

While you enjoy your feast at the Lokál, you are all the while watched over by hunting trophies hanging from the wall, including the head of a wild boar in a rakish hat. There is also an engraving in the wall, inspired by the proximity of the Sparta football stadium.

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Want to know a secret?

Do you know the correct way to pour a beer? And how do pour a pint? You can enter a course on how to pour beer and it includes a historical excursion and beer tasting, under the beer pouring master Lukáš Svoboda.

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Lokál Nad Stromovkou Nad Královskou oborou 232/31 Praha 7 – Bubeneč 170 00