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Lucerna Music Bar

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Where? City Centre | New Town
Type of establishment Nightclub | Bar
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Lucerna is the most central venue – close to the middle of Prague’s main square. The building has a large main space staging concerts and balls, a simple pub serving beer, and an underground club that recently underwent a successful reconstruction. For Czechs, that change severed a link with the 1980s, because the relics of that era, especially the mirrors on the balconies, have now disappeared. The refurbishment has transformed the Lucerna Music Bar into a fresh, modern club. Rock and rap bands love playing at the venue, and the hottest hip-hop DJs also regularly perform there. Concerts sometimes end early, but that doesn’t mean that Lucerna Music Bar closes straight away. It’s then time for a video party, packed with nostalgia and 80s hits. Cue fun nights full of memories, video clips, accompanied by drinks. They’re so popular that fans have been known to drive hundreds of kilometres to Prague for the event. Join them for a nostalgia-filled slice of Czech life.

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Want to know a secret?

Concerts have a unique atmosphere at Lucerna: the stage is circular, allowing concertgoers to see their favourite bands from all sides. And the scene also looks great in photos, especially when taken from the balconies.

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Lucerna Music Bar Vodičkova 704/36 Praha 1 – Nové Město 110 00