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Malostranská beseda

Key details

Where? City Centre | Lesser Town
Type of establishment Nightclub | Tea & Coffee | Beer | Restaurant
Cuisine Czech | Local Specialities
Budget $$ | $$$

The Malostranská beseda (Malá Strana Circle) building, on the corner of Malostranské square, houses three separate establishments: a café, a restaurant and a pub. The café opens at 9 a.m., serving strudel and bábovka (Czech Bundt cake) with a cup of hot coffee. A little later, it’s the turn of the neighbouring pub and restaurant to open their doors, as well as the terrace under the arcades in summer. The restaurant’s menu offers mainly traditional Czech dishes matching Pilsen Urquell beer served with mastery: head cheese, roast pork in its own juice served with a few gherkins, veal and pork sausages served with horseradish, marinated cheeses... As for the main courses, you can find here the great classics of Czech cuisine: roast duck, svíčková (beef tenderloin in a sauce made of root vegetables), goulash, Wiener schnitzel, etc. If you opt for halušky, a kind of potato gnocchi cooked with sheep’s cheese and bacon, you’ll be making a diversion further east, towards Slovakia. The pub’s menu follows a similar path: you can have, for example, roast pork knuckle on black beer or lamb knuckle on marjoram with creamed spinach.

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Malostranská beseda Malostranské náměstí 35/21 Praha 1 – Malá Strana 118 00