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Where? Beyond the Centre | Smíchov
Type of establishment Nightclub
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At the MeetFactory International Centre of Contemporary Art, a range of artistic genres converge and blend together. They range from fine arts and theatre to film, music and literature. Originally a glass factory, the venue lies close to Prague’s Smíchov railway station, and you can’t miss it thanks to the two red cars, the works of artist David Černý, hanging from the facade of the building.

If you like contemporary progressive music, then head to MeetFactory, which is the best place for this kind of music in Prague. Thanks to carefully-chosen partnerships with musicians and artists abroad, MeetFactory attracts the kind of names who are just about to become famous. And then you can tell everyone that you saw them first, at an amazing spot hidden in a forgotten part of Prague.

The MeetFactory comprises three exhibition spaces: Galerie MeetFactory, Galerie Kostka, and Galerie Zed’. All three are closely involved with the residence programme for international artists, and musical and theatrical productions.

The gallery focuses purely on contemporary artistic themes in bringing together Czech artists with their leading international counterparts. New works produced by the artists-in-residence at MeetFactory are subsequently exhibited, mostly at the Galerie Kostka. At the Galerie MeetFactory, their work is incorporated into group exhibitions, where they invite comparison with the work of Czech and other international artists. Galerie Zed’, one of the walls of MeetFactory, features monumental paintings, sculptures, and installations.

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In addition to the exhibition galleries, MeetFactory houses the Beauty Free Shop, where you can buy selected artwork. Finally, be sure to stop at the MeetFactory bar, which also offers outdoor seating in the summer months, under David Černý’s vehicles.

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MeetFactory Ke Sklárně 3213/15 Praha 5 – Smíchov 150 00