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One Club Prague

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Where? City Centre | Old Town
Type of establishment Nightclub | Bar
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Over the past few years, a new breed of clubs has emerged in the centre of Prague. Unlike the original, post-revolutionary clubs, which 25 years ago began as havens for underground artists and staged mainly rock concerts, their counterparts today, like One Club Prague, are all about entertainment. There, you can dance or lounge on one of the special circular sofas. The club is very proud of them and recommends that you make a reservation to get a seat there. At the weekend in particular you won’t be able to just turn up and find a seat.

One Club Prague has two floors, with dancing for up to 500 people on the lower level. On the upper floor, hundreds of visitors can sit, drink and relax in lavish surroundings and indulge in the decadence of city nightlife. Czech DJs and sometimes their counterparts from abroad play contemporary dance music at One Club Prague. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, most of the nights are built around themes, such as Poker Face or Around the World. You can expect a cosmopolitan atmosphere and loads of good drinks.

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Want to know a secret?

The cocktail bar in the upper floor is open daily from 14:00. If you want to chat and have a drink for a while after a walk through the centre of Prague, try One Club.

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One Club Prague Melantrichova 504/5 Praha 1 – Staré Město 110 00