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Where? Beyond the Centre | Smíchov
Type of establishment Nightclub | Bar
Budget $ | $$

Shortly after the Velvet Revolution of 1989, many new dance and other clubs opened in Prague, often catering for the fans of various music genres. Punto, which used to be known as Punto Azul, is one such example. Aficionados of various types of alternative dance music – drum’n’bass and breakbeat – came here first. Many legendary parties were staged, and everything ended up covered in stickers of offbeat music publishers. By the end of each event, quite a few people had dozed off on the couches. The door of the Punto fridge even featured in an exhibition on subcultures of the 1990s, and holds the record for the most stickers on one fridge.

Today, Punto serves as an old-fashioned club that respects its history, both in terms of music and the venue interior. It’s not a slick disco, but at least tries to move with the times, so it’s cleaner and less scruffy than it was in the old days. “Punto is not a disco. It’s a meeting point and one of the foundations of the Prague DJ scene, where seasoned jockeys can meet those who are just starting out,” say the club owners.

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Want to know a secret?

You can play table football there. As a drink, the unfiltered 12-degree beer from the family-owned brewery in Únětice is recommended.

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Punto Kroftova 329/1 Praha 5 – Smíchov 150 00