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Where? City Centre | New Town
Type of establishment Bistro
Cuisine Czech | International | Tapas
Budget $ | $$

Špejle (Skewers) was founded on an original principle – your bill is determined by the number of skewers left on your plate. Each skewer represents a line on your tab, and each line stands for twenty nine Czech crowns (just over 1 euro) other than that, you pay just for the drinks. The space behind the main door welcomes you with a display of cold delicacies. Slices of baguette are topped with homemade egg salad or Spanish Jamon Serano ham. Next to this is French quiche, or brawn salad.

After a while, the glass cabinet turns at a right angle, and the “savory” gives way to the “sweet”. A few steps higher, you can take your pick from the selection of hot goodies on skewers: burgers, spicy homemade sausages, or a variation of vepřo-knedlo-zelo (a traditional dish of pork with dumplings and sauerkraut), served on skewers.

The Špejle has a wide selection of wines, and for beer lovers, there is one tap with a rotating selection of beer brands. A second tap offers the Špejle’s own brand of unfiltered or unpasteurized beer. This goes down well not only with the said pork-sauerkraut meal, but with duck meat wrapped in potato flapcakes.

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Want to know a secret?

The co-owner of the Špejle is well-known Prague barman, Václav Vojíř. It is thanks to him, that you'll find a menu with a remarkable table of mixed drinks, the ratio of tonic to gin being ten to twenty. You can mix the drinks to your own taste. The most awesome brand among the “Gins” is one from Žufánek distillers, made to order specially for Vojíř’s team. This “killer” is made using fourteen herbs.

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Špejle Jindřišská 937/16 Praha 1 – Nové Město 110 00