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Spižírna 1902

Key details

Where? Beyond the Centre | Vinohrady
Type of establishment Tea & Coffee
Budget $$

At Spižírna 1902 (larder), you’ll find a bistro, café, and tapas bar rolled into one. The name of this establishment refers to the pantries of apartments in Vinohrady, where Špižírna 1902 is located. Such flats were typically constructed around the early 20th century, hence the date. The larders were often so expansive that you could easily hole yourself up in one with a book and enjoy whatever edible item took your fancy. Spižírna 1902 carries on this idea, but with the added advantage of more light and space and, of course, comfortable seating. In the morning, you can try a traditional or unusual breakfast, or a brunch, with yeast buns, various forms of pancakes, donuts, and cakes on the menu. Or, pop in at noon for soup and a main meal (choose from three dishes, including one vegan), and after 5 o’clock you can opt from a selection of canapes.

The ceiling mural features vegetation, a subtle reference to similar tranquillity and bliss that can be experienced in a flower meadow.

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Want to know a secret?

The floral decoration on the ceiling is a feast for the eyes. Latvian illustrator Ieva Ozola, who temporarily lived in Prague in 2017, created the concept as a jungle inspired by Czech flora.

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Spižírna 1902 Korunní 1113/86 Praha 10 – Vinohrady 101 00