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Storm Club

Key details

Where? Beyond the Centre | Žižkov
Type of establishment Nightclub
Budget $$

Storm is perfect for everyone who loves weekends and DJ culture. It hosts famous DJs from abroad who visit even if this club is a little out of the way. Not least because the area known as lower Žižkov, where Storm is located, is on the way to becoming a local hotspot. The owners always try to put on something great every week, including warm-up parties for big festivals.

Free Wi-Fi
Credit Card

Want to know a secret?

Storm is mainly about excellent DJ events with stomping dance music and punk. But metalcore bands perform there occasionally – and unbelievably, only a tiny number of such bands exist in Prague. So check out the website and see what’s on!

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Storm Club Tachovské náměstí 290/5 Praha 3 – Žižkov 130 00