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The Farm

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Where? Beyond the Centre | Holešovice
Type of establishment Restaurant
Cuisine International
Budget $$

The term “urban bistro” is quite fitting for the Farm. The walls of the establishment, not far from the National Technical Museum, are decorated with stylish bicycles and the menu tries to keep pace with the seasons, fashionable ingredients and methods.

When it’s spring outside, you can rest assured that the menu will contain some lamb, in the form of ragout with pasta. Autumn brings intense flavours in the form of wild mushrooms and venison. The Farm’s attitude to food is always very playful, so it’s worth your while to let them surprise you, as in a unique Valentine’s dish or a sumptuous brunch.

For those concerned about the source of the food, they can be assured that the food served at the Farm is almost without exception, all from small farms, whether it be pork belly or succulent Angus beef.

Cyclists are more than welcome at the farm, and so are dog-lovers. You’ll almost always come across some four-legged customers.

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Want to know a secret?

Even though the Farm bases its menu on mostly fashionable city recipes, it does not shy away from the Czech “grandmother’” recipes. Their španělský ptáček (stuffed beef roll), cucumber salad or homemade meatloaf will pleasantly surprise you.

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The Farm Korunovační 923/17 Praha 7 – Bubeneč 170 00