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Týnská Bar and Books

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Where? City Centre | Old Town
Type of establishment Bar
Budget $$$$

An excellent and sophisticated bar where you can relax against the backdrop of an era that only exists in films and books. “The concept is based on hotel lobby bars, which are mostly beautiful, but completely empty,” explains the manager. In contrast to the lobby bars, however, everything is a lot cosier at Bar and Books. Nobody is rushing around clutching a suitcase; the only people you’ll find here are relaxed hedonists who never miss a trick.

The first foreign branch of the Bar and Books network, established in New York in 1990, opened in Prague in 2004 (and later on at Mánesova Street in the Czech capital). You can enjoy cocktails or bottle of premium-quality wine. At Bar and Books, you can be assured of professional and friendly staff.

Free Wi-Fi
Credit Card

Want to know a secret?

James Bond days are often held here. The bar has every single one of the Bond Films, which are shown all day (without sound) on screens in various places. It creates a great atmosphere!

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Týnská Bar and Books Týnská 1053/19 Praha 1 – Staré Město 110 00