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U Bukanýra

Key details

Where? City Centre | New Town
Type of establishment Nightclub
Budget $ | $$

U Bukanýra club has a major advantage over the competition – this venue is on water. You can spend the night on the river in summer, but also in mid-winter. The Vltava doesn’t freeze over, and snow doesn’t stop the amusement, even during blizzards. The club plays contemporary dance music, house, drum’n’bass, and other genres. U Bukanýra is an informal club, and has quite an alternative vibe, but isn’t shabby or grungy. Praguers like to have fun there and enjoy high-quality music (we recommend the Circle series) and the fact that U Bukanýra certainly isn’t an overpriced, snooty joint patronised only by tourists. With lots of events and the usual range of drinks at the bar, the vibe at U Bukanýra is relaxed and fun. You can keep going even at seven in the morning. And where in Prague do you have the chance to step from a cosy interior to an outdoor space with a magnificent view? On weekdays, free admission is available.

Free Wi-Fi
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Want to know a secret?

Go a little early and take a stroll along the waterfront or the Náplavka stretch of the River Vltava. Or, stay up until dawn – because watching the sunrise over historic Prague is a truly unforgettable experience!

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U Bukanýra Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody /1 Praha 1 – Nové Město 110 00