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Where? Beyond the Centre | Holešovice
Type of establishment Tea & Coffee

This social centre and shopping arcade in one ignores the flashiness typical of shopping malls – soulless temples of consumerism. Vnitroblock is all about VALUES and EXPERIENCES, as seen in the cafe, which also sells clothes, jewellery, sports accessories, and toys. All come from the workshops of independent designers. Buy some artwork in the gallery, get some exercise in the dance school, and enjoy the magic of film at Pidikino (The Little Cinema). A theatre, restaurant, bistro, a large hall for various activities ... Vnitroblock has everything.

Where did this globally unique “world” come about? In a former factory in a courtyard of a tenement block in Prague’s Holešovice district. A ruin, the building was ready for demolition. The unobtrusive alterations ensured that rainwater wouldn’t penetrate and that nothing collapses, even if were packed. An unfinished appearance, signs of apparent devastation, and relics from the factory give Vnitroblock a unique edge. Although you can barely notice the complex from the street, thousands manage to find the venue at weekends. People also flock there on weekdays, but the crowds are thinner. And by the way, pets are welcome!

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Want to know a secret?

Vnitroblock will help those always feeling unsatisfied to feel better about themselves. In particular, home improvement enthusiasts will surely understand that comfort doesn’t necessarily depend on curtains, immaculately polished floors without a speck of dust, and on smoothly plastered walls.

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Vnitroblock Tusarova 791/31 Praha 7 – Holešovice 170 00