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In 2008, as part of their studies, two graphic design students decided to revive the Botas trainer, a communist-era Czech classic that was originally launched in 1966. Their project won them first prize in the European Design Awards, and as a result the students started working with the official Botas brand. Since 2009, they have been presenting their products under their own name, BOTAS 66.

The classic trainers come in four types, and in dozens of colours, with a modern and stylish look – all down to the success of the BOTAS 66 brand.

There are 2 shops BOTAS 66 in Prague.

Want to know a secret?

We wear Botas shoes ourselves and love them. We highly recommend them as a Prague souvenir, not least as a great example of Czech retro.

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BOD BOD BOD, s. r. o. Skořepka 1056/4 Praha 1 – Staré Město 110 00