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Villa Bílek

Key details

Architectural Style Art Nouveau
Where? Hradčany

An Art Nouveau building, which is a cross between architecture and a work of art, stands in the neighbourhood of the Royal Gardens and Queen Ann's Summer Palace. This villa, which reminds one of a grain field, was designed by František Bílek, one of the most prominent Czech sculptors and graphic designers of the Symbolism and Art Nouveau era, who used it as a residence and an art studio. Since the 1960s, the villa has been used as an exhibition space. The Prague City Gallery, which administers the building, offers visitors a permanent display, which includes the house's original facilities, Bílek's studio, works from the peak of his creative period, and also long term exhibitions.

Bílek designed and had this Prague villa built in 1911. The house, standing between Chotkovy sady and Letná has, above all, a deliberate symbolism which influences its decor and layout. Principles which Bílek acknowledged and utilised in his art informed its design. He was convinced that there exist analogies between the human creative processes and processes in nature. The villa therefore illustrates a grain field and its original ground plan is derived from the tracks left behind by a scythe. Its walls are surrounded by pillars reminiscent of sheaves of grain and refer to the pillars from ancient Egyptian temples.

Want to know a secret?

If you are fascinated by the period between the Great Depression and the Second World War, then proceed to the second floor and watch a movie about 1930s Prague. The villa also has a public reading room, where you can find many exhibition catalogues and monographs on Czech and foreign artists. This way, you can pleasantly prolong your stay in Bílek's mystical villa.

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Bílkova vila Mickiewiczova 233/1 Praha 6 – Hradčany 160 00