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What to See - Families with kids

Information about historic monuments, museums and other sights and places definitely worth seeing in Prague

National Museum

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Karel Zeman Museum

Karel Zeman was a Czech film director, designer, puppeteer and animator. If you’ve got kids and you’re looking for a suitable city centre ...

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Prague Public Transport Museum

The tram depot in Prague’s Střešovice neighbourhood was established in 1909 and in operation until 1992, when it was converted to a museum. ...

Lego Museum

Pirates and pirate ships, knights on horseback, the underwater world, the Star Wars spaceship, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. A Lego ...

National Technical Museum

As soon as you arrive at the National Technical Museum (Národní technické muzeum), in the Letná district, you’ll realise that one visit is ...

Náprstek Museum

In the heart of Prague you can explore the world of Asian, African and American cultures. The museum founder, Vojta Náprstek (1826–1894), ...