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Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs in Prague


Consumption of alcohol in public places in Prague

Consumption of alcohol in public spaces in Prague and the Czech Republic is prohibited and subject to a fine.

Handy tips

  • In the Czech Republic, a zero tolerance approach to drink driving is adopted, with a zero per cent limit.
  • If you’re exploring Prague on a bicycle, segway or an electric scooter, alcohol consumption before or during the trip is prohibited!

Drug use in Prague

Use of drugs in Prague and the Czech Republic is strictly prohibited.

In the Czech Republic, being in the possession of drugs is an offence or crime. Holding small quantities of drugs for personal use is regarded as a lesser offence and can be subject to a fine of CZK 15,000 / approximately EUR 600.

Possession of larger quantities of drugs is regarded as a more serious offence.

Information on smoking in Prague and in the Czech Republic is available in the relevant article.