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Smoking in Prague


For many years, anti-smoking laws in the Czech Republic were some of the most lenient in the Europe Union. Smokers visiting Prague were pleasantly surprised to find that they could light up in pubs and restaurants. They could also smoke while enjoying a cup of coffee without having to leave the premises.

Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for non-smokers) the situation changed on 31 March 2017, on World No Smoking Day. On that date, new legislation came into force, which banned smoking in all public spaces in the Czech Republic. You’ll no longer see anybody smoking in a Czech restaurant.

You can find information about the law and alcohol in the Czech Republic in the “Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs in Prague” section.

Handy tips

The price of a packet of cigarettes in the Czech Republic ranges between around CZK 85 and CZK 105 / approximately EUR 4.