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Why Prague?


Everyone knows Prague. With its history and mythical presence in the collective awareness, the city needs no introduction. Yet some people believe it is in former Yugoslavia, or even Russia…

We believe we know Prague, and we want to share the city with you. There are small and large gaps between myth and reality, so there is nothing like personal experience to add to one’s knowledge.

A trip to Prague is a must, especially for all those keen on just the right amount of romance.

Nothing is easier these days than going (or coming back) to Prague for a city break. Be swept away by the beauty of the City of a Hundred Spires. Admire its cultural and architectural treasures or go to the opera. Or, listen to a classical or jazz concert while cruising along the Vltava. Whatever your activity, let Prague’s charm captivate you.

Prague, a must-see destination

  • Get to know Prague: an essential experience
  • Unique cultural heritage: an irresistible appeal
  • Accommodation offers for all categories and all group sizes
  • Various discovery tours available during your stay
  • Wide selection of cultural activities
  • Quality extra services for your comfort and convenience
  • Magical experiences for an unforgettable stay