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Why Prague?


The Czech capital is significantly more affordable than other large European cities. Thanks to many reasonably priced hostels and discounted hotels, you can enjoy your stay to the maximum, even if you are on a budget.

Unlike Paris or Rome, Prague is a capital on a human scale, offering the great advantage of allowing you to explore it on foot. The sights are easily accessible, and public transport is excellent.

There are a thousand and one reasons to visit Prague: meetings with local business representatives and visits to companies, traditional arts and crafts (cuisine, beer brewing, puppet making), themed visits (communism, WWII, Jewish history), art (literature, music, architecture, cinema), trips out of the city, and more.

However, the one underlying reason is of course the city itself: Prague’s rich heritage, inscribed on the UNESCO list, together with the city’s cultural and social life, make it a must-see destination.

  • Better prices than in other European capitals
  • Many hotels/hostels welcome groups and offer half board
  • Unique cultural heritage to discover
  • Fun activities for all tastes
  • Various options for themed educational visits
  • Diverse options for meetings with business representatives
  • Highly efficient public transport; the city centre is pedestrianised
  • Rich social life