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The best activities and experiences in Prague and the Czech Republic

Private Guide Services

Would you like to discover Prague with a private English speaking guide who will tell you about its history, its architecture, its secrets and its anecdotes? Take advantage of a professional guide who will be at your disposal for a half-day.

Our price: 44.91 USD / person (group of 4 people)

A Walk Around the Old Town and Lesser Town with Private Guide

Let yourself be guided through the small passages and alleys of the Old Town. Along the Royal Way, you will cross the Charles Bridge and its beautiful sculpture gallery, to the picturesque island of Kampa and the intimate and baroque district of Malá Strana.

Regular price: 76.82 USD / person (group of 4 people)
10% discount on online bookings!
Our price: 69.12 USD / person (group of 4 people)

Tour of Prague Castle with Private Guide

Crowning the Prague skyline on its promontory overlooking the river, the Castle is one of the UNESCO World Heritage treasures, brimming with historical and artistic treasures. It is the undisputed spiritual and political heart of the nation.

Regular price: 94.34 USD / person (group of 4 people)
10% discount on online bookings!
Our price: 84.89 USD / person (group of 4 people)

Tour of the Jewish Quarter with Private Guide

Seat of the memory of a people and of a past time, the Jewish Quarter of Prague is present in everyone’s mind through its famous myths and legends, such as that of Rabbi Löw and the Golem, but also in the collective memory of Europe through its influence on the arts, culture and the heritage left to us by Franz Kafka ...

Regular price: 97.68 USD / person (group of 4 people)
10% discount on online bookings!
Our price: 87.91 USD / person (group of 4 people)

A Walk Around the Old Town with Private Guide

The result of spontaneous medieval urbanization, the Old Town was the seat of merchants’ guilds, which gradually acquired autonomous status. In the 14th century, the University of Prague was established, one of the oldest in Europe.

Our price: 64.87 USD / person (group of 4 people)

Degustation Menu at V Zátiší Restaurant

V Zátiší restaurant is one of the best kept secrets of the Old Town. Located close to the charming Bethlehem Square, this elegant establishment, with an intimate atmosphere, offers sophisticated culinary specialties.

Our price: 84.73 USD / person
Gourmet Menu at the Municipal House Café AGP selection
Special Offer

Gourmet Menu at the Municipal House Café

The famous Municipal House Café is located in the left wing of the building and offers a wonderful menu featuring international cuisine. As ...

Regular price: 28.24 USD / person
5% discount on online bookings
Our price: 26.75 USD / person

A Walk Around the Lesser Town with Private Guide

Secret little streets winding towards open perspectives with dramatic effect, sumptuous palaces with dynamic sculptures and a profusion of decorative details, churches whose domes rise to the sky, terraced gardens with sculptures and fountains...

Our price: 54.89 USD / person (group of 4 people)

Steam bath & jacuzzi session for two persons

Enjoy perfect relaxation for two: let yourself be pampered for two hours in the wellness & spa centre of a 5-star hotel right under Prague Castle. You can visit two parts of the wellness centre: the steam bath, located in a historic cellar from the 15th century, and the Roman bath, which is a whirlpool in an elegant, antique interior modelled on the ancient Romans.

Gems of Hradčany Tour with Private Guide

Strahov Monastery and its two Baroque bell towers are one of Prague’s most famous landmarks. Founded in the 12th century by the Premonstratensian order, it has an amazing cabinet of curiosities and a baroque library of exceptional beauty.

Our price: 62.11 USD / person (group of 4 people)

In the Footsteps of Franz Kafka Tour with Private Guide

Take a specialised tour and discover the places that shaped the mind of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. You’ll visit the places inextricably linked to the writer’s life: his childhood, his studies and his professional career, as well as the places where he wrote his major works such as The Trial and The Castle.

Our price: 44.91 USD / person (group of 4 people)

A Walk Around the New Town with Private Guide

Around the huge Wenceslas Square, Na Příkopě Street and Republic Square and its famous Municipal House, you will discover a unique urban ensemble in Europe, and perceive all the architectural dynamism of this period, on the way to modernity.

Our price: 70.71 USD / person (group of 4 people)

A Walk around Holešovice with Private Guide

The trendy district of Holešovice has become a must-see place in the Czech capital for a taste of local Prague life, local bars and restaurants, and two large parks, Letná and Stromovka.

Our price: 53.51 USD / person (group of 4 people)

Prague Architecture Tour with Private Guide

The cohabitation is often unprecedented, and these contrasts in the urban space – one of the particularities of Prague – reinforce the beauty of the buildings that are part of it. We go from the labyrinth of small medieval streets to the immense perspective of Wenceslas Square ...

Tour of St Agnes Convent with Private Guide

Come and discover the splendor of medieval art in Bohemia, of which the 14th century was the brilliant golden age. Emperor Charles IV and the entire Luxembourg dynasty were passionate patrons of the arts, who attracted a host of artists to Prague ...

Our price: 47.99 USD / person (group of 4 people)

Trip Through Prague in a Vintage Car with Guide

Travel back in time to a bygone age and go on a short ride in a classic 1930s vehicle. Take a vintage tour for an original, relaxing and stylish way to get around the Czech capital.

Undisturbed Relaxation in an Outdoor Jacuzzi – With Views of Prague’s Rooftops AGP selection
Special Offer

Undisturbed Relaxation in an Outdoor Jacuzzi – With Views of Prague’s Rooftops

Enjoy complete privacy on the terrace on the top storey of a luxury Prague hotel, as you unwind in a heated jacuzzi. Take in breathtaking views of Prague Castle, Petřín Hill and the red roofs of historic Prague.

Private Beer Tasting in Prague

This beer tasting, hosted by an English speaking beer specialist, will make you spend a friendly moment in a nice bistro in the Malá Strana district, very close to the Petřín hill. You will taste a dozen types of Czech beers, from big brands to microbreweries.

Our price: 50.11 USD / person (group of 4 people)
Discover Prague aboard the Hop on Hop off minibus
Not Available

Discover Prague aboard the Hop on Hop off minibus

The unique trip pass is only valid for the green circuit of the orange "Hop on Hop off" minibuses. This tour crosses the historic center of Prague and allows you to see, an hour and a half, all the main monuments and sites of the capital.

Coffee Break at the Art Nouveau Municipal House Café
Special Offer

Coffee Break at the Art Nouveau Municipal House Café

Strategically located by the gateway to the Old Town, the Municipal House Café is an ideal place to unwind after you have explored the ...

Regular price: 11.89 USD / person
5% discount on online bookings
Our price: 11.29 USD / person