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Eat & Drink - Vegetarian

Where to find excellent restaurants, pubs, bistros, coffee shops, bars and music clubs in Prague


Maitrea is one of the zen vegetarian addresses in Prague's Old Town. It's the ideal place for anyone looking for vegetarian food in an elegant, hushed atmosphere. Looking for inspiration or spirituality? The Maitrea restaurant offers high-quality vegetarian cuisine in a 100% Feng Shui interior.

Next Door by Imperial

In Czechia, the name of chef Zdeněk Pohlreich is synonymous with and a guarantee of quality. Pohlreich has an iron fist not only in television programming, but also in his own kitchens, which recently included the Next Door bistro.

à Table!

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Akropolis Palace

Acropolis began as a place for alternative culture. Gradually it went through a series of changes, but kept the overall concept. Various ...

Bílý koníček

You won’t find Prague’s jazz clubs on the outskirts, and this one, Bílý koníček (The White Horse), is one of the most central. The club and ...

Café Pavlač

Not just a café, Café Pavlač is also a restaurant, bar, club and a gallery of contemporary art named "35M2". This establishment shows that ...

Café Sladkovský

The founders of this venue pay tribute in every way possible to Karel Sladkovský, a 19th-century Czech journalist and politician. He was ...


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Cross Club

Cross Club is one of Prague’s most famous venues thanks to the unique scrap iron objects on display in the garden in front of it. The club ...


The name of this restaurant (Sugarcoffeelemonade) refers to a Czech kids’ game along the lines of the statues game. The name also gives you ...

Lehká hlava

Lehká hlava (Clear Head) is a vegetarian restaurant in Prague’s Old Town. In every room in this restaurant, there is a slightly different ...

Malý buddha

As soon as you enter this restaurant (Little Buddha) near the Loreto, you feel surrounded by history. Some of the walls date from the ...

Mash Hana

Pass through the double doors of Mash Hana restaurant and you’ll feel as if you’ve left Prague far behind. The Czech section of the menu is ...

Phở u Letné

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Radost FX

One of the first post-revolution clubs in Prague or, according to some experts, the first. In a basement, close to the IP Pavlova ...