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Where to find excellent restaurants, pubs, bistros, coffee shops, bars and music clubs in Prague

V Zátiší

V Zátiší restaurant is a gourmet gem hidden in a tangle of picturesque Old Town streets near the Bethlehem Chapel. It was one of the first luxury restaurants to open after 1989, and since then it has sparkled in the Prague culinary scene.

Café Louvre

On the first floor of an inconspicuous multi-storey building, Café Louvre stands on Národní třída. In fact, this institution consists of several spaces, each with its own function. You’ll find a restaurant, billiards room, summer terrace, and a café oozing Belle Époque atmosphere.

CODA Restaurant

Just a stone’s throw from the Church of St Nicholas in Malá Strana, renowned chef Jan Kaplan concocts dishes served on original Morricone plates. The menu is rather succinct, and goes in two main directions: it perfectly represents traditional Czech cuisine, but will also satisfy lovers of world cuisine.

Grand Café Orient

If you’re a fan of quirky things or curiosities, Grand Café Orient – a unique Cubist café – is for you. The buffet-bar has an entirely Cubist design concept, as have the mirrors, chandeliers, chairs, curtains, and door handles ... Basically, Cubism everywhere you look.


Here’s a restaurant for carnivores. Located two blocks from Wenceslas Square, Kantýna is the latest branch of the Ambiente restaurant chain: a place clearly devoted to meat in all its forms.

La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise

They have one Michelin star, but they deserve at least two... In the whole of Central Europe, you won’t find a restaurant that so elegantly combines innovation and culinary tradition, revisiting the latter with originality while using local produce.


Maitrea is one of the zen vegetarian addresses in Prague's Old Town. It's the ideal place for anyone looking for vegetarian food in an elegant, hushed atmosphere. Looking for inspiration or spirituality? The Maitrea restaurant offers high-quality vegetarian cuisine in a 100% Feng Shui interior.


The story of this restaurant on the Novotného lávka quay is a dramatic one: barely two years after opening, it was literally submerged by the waters of the Vltava during Prague's great flood of 2002. Only the upper part of the building escaped the flood.

Café Imperial

You’ve just attended a concert in the Smetana Hall or you’ve just been admiring the buildings on Wenceslas Square. Either way, you're feeling enthused by the elegance of Belle Époque and don’t want to lose its magic. Keep the wonder alive by visiting the unique Café Imperial.

Kolkovna Olympia

At the foot of Petřín Hill, the restaurant was restored to its present form in 2003; the result successfully combines wooden panelling, retro furniture, and copper brewing kettles.

Café Savoy

Some cafés and restaurants are such a visual treat that you just don’t know where to look first. Should you gaze up at the ornate ...

Akropolis Palace

Acropolis began as a place for alternative culture. Gradually it went through a series of changes, but kept the overall concept. Various ...


Located in the hotel of the same name close to Lucerna Palace, Alcron has been serving high-quality meals since 1932. Today, the hotel is ...

Augustine Restaurant

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People most often meet at Avantgarde for business. The restaurant, on the ground floor of the PPF Gate Building in Prague’s Dejvice ...

Avion 58
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Avion 58

The restaurant was opened in the boiler room of a former municipal brewery from 1895, so a few industrial elements are still noticeable in ...

Bar Cobra

In its day, Holešovice had its share of untraditional cult places. One of them was Cobra – a non-stop bar with flashing slot machines, ...

Bistro 8

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Bistro No. 19

The menu at Bistro 19 changes daily, but there is always soup, a choice of two main courses, and a dessert. Prices are unusually reasonable ...


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